Download a Proof

OriginStamp uses a public method to store hashes in a blockchain. This method has been scientifically recognized and published (opens new window).

A timestamp's authenticity can be verified independently of OriginStamp. The verification requires the so-called proof that can be downloaded by using the OriginStamp Dashboard or the OriginStamp API. This document describes the two different approaches.


  • General: Proof type you want to obtain
    • Certificate (PDF): Ideally for handing out to third parties like customers. It contains all necessary information including an expert description for the manual verification of a timestamp.
    • Raw Proof (Merkle Tree): Ideally you archive the raw proof next to the original data. This raw proof is a Merkle Tree (opens new window) in XML format.
  • Using the Dashboard: An OriginStamp account
  • Using the API: An OriginStamp API key

Using the Dashboard

  • Login (opens new window) to the OriginStamp Dashboard using your account credentials.
  • Click "Timestamp" in the left menu
    OriginStamp Dashboard Menu
  • Lookup the timestamp you want to download a proof for in the Timestamp List Area.
    OriginStamp Dashboard Timestamp View: List Area
  • Click on "Download Certificate" or "Download Raw Proof". The former provides you with a PDF certificate that you can, e.g., hand out to third parties and also includes the proof. The latter includes only the plain proof as a Merkle Tree.


You can download proofs only for timestamps that are yet verified as indicated by an orange icon to the left.

Using the API

In order to download the proof, make sure you set the Authorization header with your API key.

1. Request the URL for downloading the proof

Request: POST /v3/timestamp/proof/url (opens new window)

  "currency": 0,
  "hash_string": "2c5d36be542f8f0e7345d77753a5d7ea61a443ba6a9a86bb060332ad56dba38e",
  "proof_type": 1


Set proof_type as follows:

  • 0: Merkle Tree
  • 1: PDF


  "data": {
    "download_url": "",
    "file_name": "certificate.pdf",
    "file_size_bytes": 1024
  "error_code": 0,
  "error_message": "string"

2. Open the URL to initiate the download

Open the download_url from the response above or save it to a local file. If saving to a local file, file_name will differ depending on the proof_type you requested.

URL Expiration

The URL expires after 5 minutes. You can only request proofs for timestamps and currencies that are successfully submitted to the underlying blockchain.