This guide walks you through using the OriginStamp API using actual request and response examples. We mainly focus on directly using the REST API via cURL. You can though use any other HTTP client to query the API.

Client Libraries

On top, we offer client libraries for different languages that make using OriginStamp as easy as possible.

Error Handling

OriginStamp does not use HTTP status codes for error handling. You will only receive HTTP status code errors either if you call an incorrect path, incorrect payload or incorrect request type.

A typical API response looks as follows:

  "error_code": 0,
  "error_message": null,
  "data": {}

It contains the three properties error_code, error_message and data, where:

  • error_code is 0 if successful, else greater than 0
  • error_message is null if successful or contains a human-readable error message otherwise
  • data contains the response data if successful or null otherwise

We wrap our response data within this structure to simplify error handling instead of using HTTP status codes.

Common errors

Error Code Message Cause
0 success