# Integrate the OriginStamp clients

The following shortly introduces how the OriginStamp clients can be easily embedded in your application.

# Accessing the clients

Depending on the programming language you use for your project, we offer corresponding clients. As all of them are published, simply integrate the client in your project using a package manager of your choice. The table below summarizes the available clients, their public GitHub repositories and the location where they are published.

Language GitHub Published
Python originstamp-client-python (opens new window) PyPI (opens new window)
Java originstamp-client-java (opens new window) Jitpack (opens new window)
C# originstamp-client-csharp (opens new window) NuGet (opens new window)
TypeScript Angular originstamp-client-typescript-angular (opens new window) npm (opens new window)
TypeScript Fetch originstamp-client-typescript-fetch (opens new window) npm (opens new window)

# Starting point

A good starting point for the clients is the GitHub repository of the Python and Java client. These repositories provide a documentation for each model and each endpoint.

Getting in touch with the different available endpoints, the endpoint documentation (opens new window) of our API should provide you with enough information.

# Issues

If you encounter problems or issues with one of our publicly available clients, do not hesitate to contact us.

For technical issues you can also open an issue in the corresponding GitHub repository of a certain client.