# Download a Proof

OriginStamp uses a public method to store hashes in a blockchain. This method has been scientifically recognized and published (opens new window).

A timestamp's authenticity can be verified independently of OriginStamp. The verification requires the so-called proof that can be downloaded by using the OriginStamp Dashboard or the OriginStamp API. This document describes the two different approaches.

# Prerequisites

  • General: Proof type you want to obtain
    • Certificate (PDF): Ideally for handing out to third parties like customers. It contains all necessary information including an expert description for the manual verification of a timestamp.
    • Raw Proof (Merkle Tree): Ideally you archive the raw proof next to the original data. This raw proof is a Merkle Tree (opens new window) in XML format.
  • Using the Dashboard: An OriginStamp account
  • Using the API: An OriginStamp API key

# Using the Dashboard

  • Login (opens new window) to the OriginStamp Dashboard using your account credentials.
  • Click "Timestamp" in the left menu
    OriginStamp Dashboard Menu
  • Lookup the timestamp you want to download a proof for in the Timestamp List Area.
    OriginStamp Dashboard Timestamp View: List Area
  • Click on "Download Certificate" or "Download Raw Proof". The former provides you with a PDF certificate that you can, e.g., hand out to third parties and also includes the proof. The latter includes only the plain proof as a Merkle Tree.


You can download proofs only for timestamps that are yet verified as indicated by an orange icon to the left.

# Using the API

In order to download the proof, make sure you set the Authorization header with your API key.

# 1. Request the URL for downloading the proof

Request: POST /v3/timestamp/proof/url (opens new window)

  "currency": 0,
  "hash_string": "2c5d36be542f8f0e7345d77753a5d7ea61a443ba6a9a86bb060332ad56dba38e",
  "proof_type": 1


Set proof_type as follows:

  • 0: Merkle Tree
  • 1: PDF


  "data": {
    "download_url": "https://example.com/download",
    "file_name": "certificate.pdf",
    "file_size_bytes": 1024
  "error_code": 0,
  "error_message": "string"

# 2. Open the URL to initiate the download

Open the download_url from the response above or save it to a local file. If saving to a local file, file_name will differ depending on the proof_type you requested.

URL Expiration

The URL expires after 5 minutes. You can only request proofs for timestamps and currencies that are successfully submitted to the underlying blockchain.