# Credits

Every action you perform using either the OriginStamp Dashboard or the OriginStamp API consumes a certain amount of credits.

Free for Personal Use

Our Free Plan (opens new window) offers you 50 credits per month. This suffices for, e.g., creating 8 timestamps and downloading the corresponding proofs. An amount that normally covers any personal or small-business use.

# Credit Consumption

The following table indicates the credit consumption of each possible action you can perform.

Request Type Condition Credits
Submission create timestamp 1 Credit
Submission timestamp already exists 0.3 Credits
Status no timestamp information available 0.1 Credits
Status timestamp information 0.3 Credits
Proof no proof available 0.1 Credits
Proof merkle tree as proof 3 Credits
Proof seed as proof 3 Credits
Proof PDF Certificate 5 Credits
Notification webhook notification 1.5 Credits
Notification mail notification 5 Credits
Notification trigger webhook 0.3 Credits

# Usage Overview

You can check your currently monthly credit consumption either using the OriginStamp Dashboard or by querying the OriginStamp API. As soon as you reach yor monthly limit, subsequent API calls or timestamp attempts will fail with a corresponding error message.

Determining your current usage via the OriginStamp API

GET /v3/api_key/usage (opens new window)

  "error_code": 0,
  "error_message": null,
  "data": {
    "credits_per_month": 100000,
    "remaining_credits": 100000,
    "consumed_credits": 0